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Beginning SEO website content writers generally have a difficult time gathering clients, and many often end up slumming for work at writer mills that pay relatively little for time-consuming articles that eat up a large portion of each work day.

Ironically, when writers finally hone their craft and earn a strong enough reputation to secure steady work, a lot often end up returning to these low-paying mills to subcontract excess projects out at rates they once considered substandard.

If you’ve demonstrated enough talent and professionalism to land enough clients to keep yourself busy, be content. Not only is it unethical to charge your clients money for content you won’t be writing, it usually proves unprofitable in the long run.

Most SEO companies are beginning to turn their backs on writer mills, because they produce poorly-written content usually crafted by want-to-be writers who aren’t particularly good at following directions. If you try to subcontract your work out to people working at these cut-rate content services, expect to spend hours editing and rewriting. Even if you are able to find a reliable go-to writer, the relationship isn’t likely to last long; as most writers worth their salt typically “graduate” from these low-paying mills and move on to better opportunities.

In the long run, you’re far better off doing the work yourself. If you can’t, be honest with a potential client and turn the work down. Integrity may not seem like a profitable attribute; however, it is the ultimate key to lasting in this business, because it leads to long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

- Ryan Lawrence

Image credit: Muffet/creativecommons